The pizzas are mainly Neapolitan-style with a small section for Sicilian-style barca or boat pizzas, perhaps not surprising as they are under the charge of chef Antonio who was born and bred in a small town near Naples and who grew up eating the pizza he later trained to make.

The focus is on ensuring the crust is on par with a pizza you can get from Italy and follows a very traditional recipe. Made with a precise proportion of ingredients specially imported from Italy, the dough is then left to rise for at least 30 hours before being handcrafted into pizza. Red and white pizzas and calzones are all available.


Pastas at Acqua e Farina are an exploration of the different gastronomic expressions of North and South Italy.

For example, the Linguine ai Frutti di Mare is a very typical Southern-style seafood pasta: the tomato base is gently simmered with seafood such as prawns and squid so that it takes on the flavours of the sea while retaining the tangy fruitiness of the tomatoes. The Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia takes a very different approach. It is a typical Northern-style seafood pasta which looks rich and almost intimidating on the plate but draws out hearty flavours that feels almost earthy if it weren’t for the scent of the ocean that lingers on the palate.


Dessert fans will also very much enjoy the selection of sweets in the restaurant. Fans of creamy textures should definitely try the tiramisu. Adapted from a traditional recipe that comes from that famous Milanese culinary landmark Savini, Acqua e Farina’s version is rich with genuine mascarpone and redolent with Italian espresso.



Needless to say, virtually the entire wine list is Italian. The wines were all carefully selected and taste-tested by both chefs before they were added to Acqua e Farina’s list.

The justly famous grape varietals such as Amarone and Sangiovese from prominent wine regions like Tuscany and Piedmont are available in a variety of vintages that should please their many fans. For those who are interested in exploration, Acqua e Farina has also included labels from regions such as Sardinia and Sicily which are lesser known in Singapore and often more difficult to find.

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